The Nightmare of USAJobs

Many of the aspirational professionals I work with have a desire to work for government in some way. It is borderline criminal how poorly the federal government explains and runs the hiring process. So many universities blindly send their students to USAjobs with no clue how the REAL system works.

The Washington Post recently reported in an article, Want to apply for a job with the government? USAJobs overhaul seeks to make it easier, that 22 million job applications went through the site last year. It goes on to say “From those 22 million job applications, about 200,000 people are hired per year on average — about half of them into full-time career jobs, the rest into temporary, part-time or seasonal positions.”

Think about that for a moment. People who took the time to apply for a full- time government position were successful .005% of the time. If all things were equal, it would take 220 applications to land a full time job. I guarantee if you lock yourself in a room for a month and apply to 220 civil service jobs on USA Jobs you will NOT get a job because all things are not equal. It is safe to assume the overwhelming majority of those 100,000 who did land a full time job did not apply to a large number of vacancies. The reason is simple; there are only two ways to get a job in the federal government through USA Jobs……..

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