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Check out my latest episodes aimed to help you  launch the career of your dreams in Washington, D.C. I desperately wanted a mentor or guide to grab me by the hand (figuratively) and show me what I needed to do.

Whether in undergrad, my first job in Washington, D.C., or even 5 years into my career I DC Hopefuls Logowas making dozens of critical mistakes. The worst part was I often did not even realize they were mistakes until years later. I needed a mentor! These video episodes are my attempt to give the advice nobody ever gave to me and help you feel better about chasing your dreams.

Joining D.C. Hopefuls Fellowship is still the best way to not only get my guidance BUT the support, advice, and help from other members just like you! However, these episodes should still hopefully provide helpful tips, advice, and bring you some valuable insight.

*Hint although all episodes are listed below in each video you can scroll down slightly to the entire library of episodes.

Start out with the D.C. Hopefuls Mission Statement

Episode 1) What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Episode 2) The Last Best Teacher

Episode 3) Millennials Even The Score

Episode 4) It Ain’t Easy

Episode 5) Is Your Fear Justified

Episode 6) Chase People Not Jobs

Episode 7) Failure Use It

Episode 8) Understanding Resumes



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