My Ultimate Guide to Washington, D.C.

In trying to promote the D.C. Hopefuls website and D.C. Hopefuls Fellowship I have had to dive into a world that I had always avoided…marketing. I read something recently that flipped my whole view of marketing upside down.  “People don’t want to buy drills they want to buy holes in the wall.” I compared this advice to my favorite analogy, if people want to lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle they first want to hear about how great skinny feels before they learn about the hard work of diet and exercise.

I always want get right to the exercise and healthy diet. I want to show you all how to perfect your resume, master networking, and avoid professional pitfalls. This guide is the other side. This is about the hole in the wall, this is how great skinny feels, this is the guide to getting your life started in the most important city in the world. Of course I can’t help myself and I will end with the providing a short glimpse into the tools you need to make this your own reality.

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