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A Bad Resume is Like a Dry Cupcake…Nobody Takes a Second Bite

I love the show sharktank. For those of you who haven’t watched the premise is five billionaires sit and let people pitch them on their company hoping the ‘sharks’ might invest in them. I have seen a few companies that come in with some type of food, usually baked goods. They have great branding, have a catchy pitch, and you instantly just like them! As the viewer you find yourself really cheering for them. Sadly several times the sharks go to try the food and none of them like it. From that point forward it’s a mood point. Nobody is going to invest in a cupcake company if they don’t like the cupcake.

I’ve met folks who have the networking thing figured out. They are personable, responsive, and thankful. Just like the contestants on sharktank I find myself cheering for them, I really want them to succeed! Sadly several times after meeting these people they send me their resume and it is like a dry cupcake.

It is not their lack or type of experience (the content of the resume) it is the bad formatting, lack of attention to detail, or very dry writing. The person starting a cupcake company can bring you in with their marketing or catchy slogan but once you take a bite you will not be buying more cupcakes. You won’t be recommending them to friends or liking them on social media. The business is bound to fail.

When I receive a bad resume I’m often skeptical to forward to other people who could help. If I do actually decide to forward it to one of my contacts that person receiving person did not get to meet the person the way I did, they are not cheering for them, all they have is this bad resume. It usually never moves forward.

Many people just throw a resume together in an hour or so and off they go. Resumes are incredibly vital for networking and can kill opportunities. I have reviewed at minimum 100 resumes over the last 3 years and I think maybe 1-2 were really great resumes! The odds are you fit into that 98% of hopefuls that need to take a second, third, fourth, fifth, and thirty-fifth look at your resume.

It is not a coincidence that when people join D.C. Hopefuls Fellowship and starting the training course/modules that the first 4 modules are totally centered on creating a great resume.

A few months ago a senior from my Alma mater reached out to me. He said he had found my site from friends and asked for my help. It turned out this young man was also from my hometown and was in my fraternity. I enjoyed speaking with him on the phone and really was cheering for him/wanted to help. Literally just a few days later a friend told me how was looking to hire an entry-level person. This friend was my fraternity brother from college, so when I told him I had just talked to a young man from our Alma mater and fraternity he was really excited. When I asked the senior in undergrad to send his resume I was greatly disappointed by how much work it needed. I passed it along and my fraternity brother said, “as bad as I want to help this kid his resume is terrible and I can’t possibly put my name behind this!”

A great resume should be the foundation and starting point for any successful career. Like the people selling baked goods who want people to try their product and then love their product, you must not only get your resume in front of people but it needs to be so great so they want more.

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